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plays 5 people
Ended up being a friend
One day, there's a new kid in class IX-C named Son. He's a cupu and less outgoing.

Leta: Eh .. There's a new kid tuh! Kerjain yuk ...
Vita: Come on .. when?
chika: Ntar aja breaks, he fitting in the cafeteria
(Istirahatpun bell rings)
Leta: Udah bell tuh, why he has not come out right?
Vita: Aduuh .. time really does tuh children
Chika: Eh, tuh him out. Get ready for ya ...
(Son out with her eating lunch., And Chika Son)
Son: Aduuh!
Leta: Death to lo!
(The three of them laugh)
Riki: You tuh what the hell?
(While helping son build)
Vita: Why? Not like lo?
Riki: Ga like me! Lo perlakuin him at will lo!
Chika: Uh, I do not have the same problem ya lo! So I hope need not be interfered lo!
Riki: But do not go around gini dong lo him!
Chika: lo So if I do not like him gituin? What would the fate lo lo tuh like children?
Riki: Yaudahlah Tra, do diladenin so rich. We'd better get out of here.
Leta: Well ... increasingly looking because she wrote. We're not finished, because I'm going aja ..
Vita: Casual .. I've no idea to work on them.
Leta: What the idea of ​​lo?
Vita: Why do not we kunciin in gudag?
Chika: Good tuh!
(Bel enter any sounds)
Chika: Udah bell, let's go to class ..
Leta: Come on ..
(And finally the bell rang to go home)
Riki: Put,, do not want to go home together?
Son: It may be
Vita: Eh, they've come out is that?
(Leta suddenly calling Riki and Son)
Leta: Son! Riki! Here deh ..
Riki: Why?
Leta: You were told to take the old books in the warehouse
Pytra: Call who?
Leta: Ya lah librarian!
Riki: Now?
Vita: Yes yes lah ...! Period tomorrow!
Son: Well, let's Riki us to the warehouse.
(Son and Riki were choosing old books)
Son: Loh ..! why the door is closed? Who locked the door?
Riki: Surely the three of them were ngunciin us here.
(Son and Riki for help)
(The next day)
(Chika, Vita and contemptible in like usual)
(Suddenly there was a friend who told them that they were called into the room BK)
Chika: What is it? Why we are called to BK?
Vita: Do not know me, why do not you?
Leta: Ouch .. certainly nothing deh, how ya?
Chika: Well, ga be afraid. To get there sometime, who knows we may achievement.
Vita: Well, let's hurry.
(Three of them went to the BK)
(After arriving, they were scolded for Men and Riki have locked in a shed. Professor BK advised them not to do it again and apologized to the Son, and Riki.)
Cleta, Vita, Leta: Riki, son. We apologize for the treatment so we are to you. You will you forgive us?
Son: Well, we forgive. But you promise ya guns be the same again so we?
Vita: Yeah, we promise.
Riki: What if now we temenan instead?
Leta: Ideas bangus tuh!
Son: So now we temenan ya?
Chika, Vita, Leta and Riki: Melepasmu .....
Riki: Why do not the hell out of us once wrote kaya gini?
Riki: Yes, it is also rich in exactly gini than hostile.
Vita: Yeah well yeah, why not from us once wrote kaya gini.
Leta: Yes, I also wants kaya gini. But the three of us are ignorant of the nature that we make a lot of enemies.
Chika: Oh well ... do not be tilt-up again already past issues, which is important right now that we've temenan. And I want us to not only temenan wrote. I want us to be friends, forever. And there is not such thing as hostile again.
Son: Yes, I also wants us become friends who help each other.
Vita: And I also want us all care about each other, as if there is a friend who sadly we exist for him
Leta: And if he was quite happy, we also ngerasain together.
Riki: Yeah, really bener tuh! (With a smile)
Eventually they too are friends

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